We are here to complement what you do, to create a dialogue about your work, collaborating to find the right partners to license your work. Whether it be as a range of greeting-cards or a series of children's books, we look to find opportunities which suit your work and strengthen brand awareness.

We are experienced at developing personal work and supporting the process of commissioned artwork. As well as licensing existing imagery, we nurture new ideas and give creative direction and feedback whilst respecting your artistic vision. Working with established artists, we have also launched a number of our artists careers as illustrators and have found ranges for artists who would not traditionally have their work shown within our industry; including enamellists, jewellers, and ceramicists. 

As a small agency, we can only work with a very small percentage of the artists who approach us. We aim to reply to each submission and your interest is always appreciated!

To submit your work:

* Send a maximum of x 20 low-res images as .jpegs, making sure that your file size does not exceed 5 MB.

* Send images which are widely representative of your artwork

* Please mark any images which are immediately available for licensing.

* Send a link for your website.

* If you are sending via post, please do not send originals and include a s.a.e. if you would like us to return your images.



VIA POST  - Yellow House Partners Ltd, 9 Chailey Avenue, Brighton, BN2 7GH, United Kingdom

"Sue and Jehane have been very attentive from early on and continue to work very hard to promote my work. I couldn't ask for more. In fact, if Carlsberg were agents, they would be Yellow House. Personally, they are two of the loveliest people you could wish to meet"

Paul Thurlby


"Having Jehane and Sue on the other end of the phone has been a fantastic support to the development of new work. They will always make the time to discuss any issues I'm having with my work, big or small - something totally invaluable to me as a perfectionist! Their professional eye never fails to shed light on things for me. Since being represented by Yellow House, I've been able to achieve my dream whilst Jehane & Sue take care of everything else. They are a pair of Superwomen! "

Catherine Rowe 


"It's great to be represented by an agency whose client base is such a good fit for my work. And I really value their personal touch e.g. you get lots of feedback and suggestions on how to develop your work, so it's a much more collaborative relationship than I've had with previous agents. Your website always looks so fresh, you're always out meeting clients and keeping connected, coming up with ideas and keeping on top of admin - how do you find the time to sleep?!"

Liane Payne


"I have only been with Yellow House for a few months but they have put a lot of effort into promoting me and my work from day one. We now have a great stationery deal in the bag - and a few other possibilities in the pipeline! They're lovely people to work with too...."

Cressida Bell


"A HUGE big thanks for all of the hard work my agents Jehane & Sue at Yellow House have put in, over the last couple of years. I have seen the Yellow House name grow from it's early days of the Brighton Artist's Open Houses to becoming one of the best (IMHO THE BEST) agents in the UK. Their folio of artists that they represent is one of the best in the business, and I am very pleased to be amongst them."

Sean Sims 



Thank you for your interest in Yellow House - we look forward to hearing from you.