New Artist! Gabriela Larios

A very warm welcome to Gabriela Larios  to Yellow House Art Licensing! Gabriela is a very talented artist, originally from San Salvador and now based in London, her work immediatley appealed.  Gabriela's work is inspired by the natural world and the influence of her childhood in San Salvador is very evident. 

We asked Gabriela a few questions about herself and her art, read on to find out more about our newest artist at Yellow House...



How did you become an Artist?

My mother introduced me to some of my favourite art techniques since I was little. She was a floral designer and always made sure we were surrounded by artistic and beautiful objects at home. When I look at the pieces I create I see the enormous influence she has had on my work, my taste for colours and things I like.  I discovered my love of textiles, decorative arts and picture books while doing my MA in London and haven't looked back since. 

Trained or Self-taught Artist?

I obtained a MA from Camberwell College of Arts in 2007 and after that I continued honing my skills  whilst exploring new techniques independently. The training I received while I was at university was just the beginning of a path of constant learning, exploration and experimentation. I consider myself both, trained and self-taught artist. 


How long have you been an artist for?

I started to explore my artistic side more seriously after obtaining my MA in 2007


How did your style evolve?

My style has evolved naturally as a consequence of constant learning and creative experimentation. I think that my style has also been influenced by meaningful life experiences, positive and difficult things. Like having children, loosing someone you love, travelling and experiencing new cultures. Although style is not static and is permanently evolving, I always try to keep in touch with my roots and artistic soul. 


Where and what did you study?

 I studied in El Salvador and London, communications and graphic design.  


What mediums do you prefer?

My favourite mediums are watercolours, gouache and collage. 



Preferred subjects?

Fishes, birds, plants and animals. 



How would you describe your own work?

I think there is a naive and playful spirit captured in my art. I somehow see the natural world with a poetic eye full of colour. 


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Picture books, textiles, the natural world and folk art. 


Describe your perfect day:

When I have time to create new art and spend time with my family. 


What piece of your work are you most proud of and why?

‘Coastal Birds’, a piece that was exhibited at the Embassy of Brasil in London and was selected among the finalists pieces at the VIA art prize in 2017, organised by the Embassy of Brasil.  


Have you done any interesting commissions?

I am quite excited with a new collection of work to be launched in glass in collaboration with a glassware company. 


Which piece of work has attracted the most attention?

Coastal Birds (mentioned above) and the Tales from the Forest body of work,  recently exhibited in the UAE at Sharjah Children’s Books Illustration Exhibition. 


Which kind of work do you enjoy doing the most?

The process of creating fresh new work for wall art, picture books, textiles or greeting cards. I sometimes discover new ideas and compositions along the process which I enjoy very much. 


Which part do you like the least?!

Working on more administrative things which are necessary to run a creative practice. 


Do you carry around a sketch-book at all times?!

I try to but lately it is a bit more tricky to use my sketchbook while out and about now that my son turned two and is full of beans. 


What’s your favourite thing to illustrate?

Fishes, birds and plants but I also love challenges I.e to illustrate things that take me out of my comfort zone. 


What would your dream project be?

To see my work applied on ceramics and a bedding collection. 


Who would be your dream client?

I would love to work with the National Trust and Kew Gardens. 


Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?

 The natural world, picture books and Folk Art from Latin America. Love the work of Mark Hearld, Josef Frank and Fernando Llort to name a few of my favourite artists.


What motivates you to be an artist?

I love to be able to share my creative world with others. Creativity can be expressed in different ways and I have chosen to express it visually through my art. 


Which is your favourite Yellow House Art Licensing artist & why?

I like Catherine Row’s work for Liberty’s, it has got a timeless look and feel. 


What's been your biggest mistake/cock-up?!

Working on spec work for clients without any monetary commitment from their side. 


What's on your drawing-board right now?

A new collection of folk birds is slowly but surely taking shape and appearing on various pieces for potential use on wall art, greeting cards and fabric. 


What’s been your biggest challenge?

To have enough time to create new work on a regular basis. That is why, as a mother of two I decided to focus on quality work rather than quantity. 


As well as being an amazing artist, do you have any other hidden talents?

I love cycling and running. I am no longer in the best shape but I used to train quite hard and at a competitive level in triathlon and cycling . 


Do you have any top tips for being an artist that you can give us?

The more motivated you are the better the art will be. You have to keep at it with all the ups and downs. 


Are there any of your artworks that have been particularly responded to on social media and if yes, which images/images? 

Yes, the Tales from the Forest pieces: the Golden Hour, Moths and Butterflies, The Coyote and the Lion. All the work produced for Jules Verne’s Amazing Adventures Exhibition: the deep sea diver and all the marine creatures developed for this piece. And lately, the series within the Collaged Worlds compositions which started as experiments to document my process have had a great response too so has the new collection of folk birds currently in the make. 


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